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The MSCF represents all two-year college faculty in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MinnState) system through negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement, processing of all faculty grievances, lobbying the Minnesota Legislature through its Legislative operation, handling communication between the members on the individual campuses and with the public, increasing and maintaining contact with other groups who share our concerns, and providing committees and a governance structure essential to the involvement of college faculty in the operation of the MinnState system.


The MSCF provides a liaison between educators in the colleges and all other groups concerned with education. The MSCF strives to maintain accessibility to high quality technical education and liberal arts education throughout the state of Minnesota.


Presently, MSCF includes 3,700+ members located at 30 colleges (46 campuses and sites) throughout Minnesota. As a faculty union, MSCF works to improve working and academic conditions for two-year faculty and gives faculty a voice in their classrooms, colleges, and careers.

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