Candidates will submit reasons why they think they would be a good fit for the training and the MSCF state office will review the candidate applications and conduct interviews. From the interviews, the state MSCF will pick five to ten candidates to take part in the training. Once selected, each candidate will be assigned a mentor.


These emerging leaders will serve in a local or statewide capacity. Examples would be to serve (or attend) on a local committee, AASC, Shared Governance, statewide committees, in local membership organizing, etc…


Training Sessions

Summer Leadership Retreat

  • Emerging Leaders College Kickoff        

           -Member Organizing

Fall Information Meetings

  • Faculty Unionism

  • Contract Training

Spring Meetings

  • Leadership/Legislative Training

  • How MnSCU and MSCF Cohabitate in the System

Delegate Assembly Presentation

Participant Roundtable and Conversation


The attendees will present at the 2019 Delegate Assembly. Presentations could include, but are not limited to, their service to the union, what they feel they accomplished during the training, etc.

Emerging Leaders College Application


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