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President's message - Preparing the Soil

MSCF President, Matt Williams

I’m a gardener, and as any gardener knows, now is the time to be thinking ahead to warmer weather and making plans for the things that need to be done.


Here at the state MSCF office, we’re in a similar mindset. We know that planning is the difference between a few vegetables/flowers and an impressive harvest. We also know that even with the best planning, nothing will thrive without the right growing conditions and an abundance of healthy soil.


To that end, last week the officers got together to start etching out plans for the next two years. Importantly, we spent quite a bit of time discussing what needs to happen in the short term to make long term goals possible. What we immediately recognized is the importance of our union’s infrastructure—what I like to think of as the soil of any organization.


We worked to narrow it down to five very specific and concrete objectives the state MSCF office can accomplish by Fall 2020 in order to keep our long-term goals possible.


Some of these things are already happening and very visible, such as our lobby day. But for us, this year’s lobby day is just the kick-off event for the entire next 18 months of political engagement.


The rest, though, may not be immediately visible but will eventually be every bit as important. For example, if we want to have a high-engagement union capable using the strength of our numbers to make change in this world, we must have a way to track and organize a lot more information than we are currently capable of. Accordingly, one of our goals is to address our database situation.


We’re excited about the work ahead of us, and what this preparation will make possible in the future. Fully funding public higher-education is where we want to be, and that work starts now.





Normandale Instructor Jack Norton Receives National Award from American Association of Community Colleges

Normandale Community College History Instructor Jack Norton received the Dale P. Parnell Faculty Distinction Recognition from the American Association of Community Colleges.  Please visit to read the entire article.

Things to know

Take action

We’ve built a very simple survey to help identify people ready to have a conversation about action. You can fill it out here. 

MSCF Contingent Faculty Hiring Hall 

Contingent members who want to join or update their information in the MSCF Contingent Faculty Hiring Hall need to do so by April 30, 2020 to be included in the Fall hiring campus lists. For more information on the Hiring Hall, including the process for joining and updating information, visit and click on the Contingent Faculty tab.

MSCF Delegate Assembly

If a chapter or individual member would like to submit a New Business item, Resolution, or a Constitution & Bylaw amendment, it must be received by the MSCF office no later than Monday, February 24, 2020. All items should be emailed to Janel Engesser at: or faxed to 651-767-1266.


Spring Retirement Information Session

MSCF will be offering retirement informational sessions again this spring. The sessions include MSCF contract retirement provisions (phased retirement, post retirement annuitant, sick leave liquidation), TRA, and IRAP. Dates for the sessions will be requested from campuses in February and registration will be sent out at that time.


Member Benefits 

For a complete listing of all benefits available thorugh Education Minnesota ESI, please visit

Important Dates: 

MSCF Executive Meetings 

Feb. 21

March 20

April 3

April 24

MSCF Board Meetings

Feb. 21

Apr. 4

MSCF Delegate Assembly

Apr. 3

Education Minnesota Rep. Convention 

Apr. 24 - 25

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