President's message - MSCF Day at the Capitol 2020

MSCF Governmental Relations Chair/Lobbyist, Mark Grant

Welcome back! For our first Connection issue of 2020, I have asked Mark Grant to share some information about our upcoming Lobby Day. –Matt Williams

This February will see my fourth legislative session as Minnesota State Colleges Faculty’s governmental relations chair, and in that time, these three truths have become undeniable to me -

  1. Ignorance is more damaging than malice

  2. Very little is more powerful than simply showing up

  3. Relationships are the currency on which you build power (shout out to my communication brothers and sisters – our field still has relevance)

With these truths in mind, I would like to extend an invitation to you to participate in MSCF Day at the Capitol on February 19th and 20th. This will be an opportunity for faculty across the state to impact ALL three of the above principles.

One, MANY legislators have little to no understanding of who we are, what we do, and what we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Over the past few years, MSCF has beaten back a lot of bad legislation. Some of it was just outright mean, but a lot of it was the byproduct of not understanding us, our role, or the system in which we work. We need to educate our lawmakers.

Two, a visual display of strength is profound. At the risk of sounding reductive, I am comfortable saying THE REASON Minnesota does not have mandatory motorcycle helmet laws for riders over 18 is because once a session, the capitol looks like a Sons Of Anarchy cast party. We can have a real impact when we show up.

Three, if you’ve ever thought, “I wish legislators knew [fill in the blank],” this is your opportunity to tell them. What’s the story of your campus? What do you need? What do your students need? Why is this job harder now than it was a decade ago despite the fact you are better than you were then? Imagine how things might be different if, when a legislator is presented with an idea, they actually took a minute to think, “I wonder how this would affect the faculty at the campus in my district?” And then, what if they reached out to you to find out? That’s power and MSCF needs you to help cultivate it.

So please join us for a dinner/program on the evening of February 19th and a day of power building on Thursday the 20th.  The link for registration is below.

Things to know

Unity Summit/Political Conference
The upcoming Political Conference/Unity Summit is live! In 2018, Education Minnesota re-shaped our election work -- focusing on getting out the vote at the worksite level.  Voting is still a high priority in 2020.  To learn more about the Unity Summit/Political Conference, click here.


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We’ve built a very simple survey to help identify people ready to have a conversation about action. You can fill it out here. 

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