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It’s fair to say this last year has been like none other in the history of MSCF. As the legislature prepares to enter the 2021 session, it's clear this will be a consequential year for MSCF and Higher Education in Minnesota. In the face of a difficult economic landscape, law makers will, once again, be looking for faculty to do more with less under the auspice of "shared sacrifice." Our faculty have never shied away from being part of the solution, but it will be vitally important that we make legislators hear and understand what the last year has been like for us, our students, and our campuses. Whether it's funding, the efficacy of distance learning, the mental health of our students, or the role our campuses and programs will play in the economic recovery of Minnesota, if we won’t initiate those conversations, they aren't going to happen. 
So with that, you are invited to participate in MSCF's 2021 Lobby WEEK. Access to the capitol and its offices for the up and coming session is still unclear, so we will be opting for a virtual lobby event this year. 

We will be hosting a Higher Education Town Hall on Monday, February 8th beginning at 4:30 p.m. and then scheduling meetings with legislators on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday of that week. With the barriers of travel and lodging removed, we believe scheduling meetings across a few days would be easier and, hopefully, increase participation. If you attended lobby day last year, we would LOVE to see you return and build off the fantastic work you did last February. If you didn't get a chance to attend last year, please consider joining us for this critical work.









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