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Membership Recruitment and Engagement

The Membership Recruitment and Engagement Committee shall consist of six members approved by the Executive Committee and ratified by the Board of Directors. The committee shall organize and conduct statewide membership recruitment activities, and support local recruitment activities. The committee will coordinate with the Legislative Committee, Negotiations Committee, Faculty Rights Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Racial Equity and Diversity Committee, Committee on Temporary Faculty, and the Executive Committee to identify engagement issues and plan and conduct engagement campaigns.

Committee Members:

  • Nicole Bietz (Inver Hills), Chair

  • Monica Erling (Henn Tech - Brooklyn Park)

  • Gretchen Long (Henn Tech - Brooklyn Park)

  • Eugenia Paulus (NHCC)

  • Sadie Pendaz-Foster (Inver Hills)

  • Lynette Neppel (Northland - EGF)

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