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MSCF joins calls for resignation of Minneapolis police union president

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Today, Wednesday, June 3rd, the Minnesota State College Faculty joins the Minnesota AFL-CIO, Education Minnesota, AFSCME Council 5, the Saint Paul Federation of Educators, the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, and numerous other labor organizations in calling for the removal of the current president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis.

More importantly, we want to speak directly to the rank and file members of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis who are not truly represented by their current elected leadership. You have the power to take back your union and institute a culture that values the lives you are sworn to protect. As part of the broader labor movement, know that we will stand in support of these efforts.

Solidarity is powerful and is what gives the labor movement its strength. With this power, though, comes tremendous responsibility. We believe the labor movement must support, lift up, and care for our communities. We believe justice—be it economic, social, or racial—is foundational to this duty.

As educators, we believe racism has no place in our schools, our colleges, our communities. Racism devalues the dignity of human life, divides neighbor from neighbor and worker from worker, and diminishes our collective ability to fight for a more just and equitable future. As such, racism undermines the core values of the labor movement and has no place in any union.

We must acknowledge the labor movement’s imperfect record in this area. We believe it will take hard work on behalf of organized labor to truly reflect our commitment to all forms of justice. We are ready for this work, as the cries for justice here in Minneapolis and around the world cannot be ignored. We hope there are police officers in Minneapolis who are ready for this work, too, and are committed to joining us in solidarity for a better tomorrow.

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