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MSCF Statement on Derek Chauvin Verdict and the Work Ahead

Nearly 11 months ago the entire world watched the video of Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, killing him. Since that moment, communities across this country organized, often through their own pain and trauma, to raise their voices and demand accountability and justice.

The verdict in the Chauvin trial this week signals how far we have come in securing accountability as well as how far we have yet to go to realize true justice. George Floyd’s life mattered and he should still be here today. We extend our love and solidarity to George Floyd’s family and friends.

MSCF continues our work in helping to building a world where every person can live a life of dignity and respect. We continue this work in our classrooms, on our campuses, and in our communities.

To that end, MSCF is proud to be in coalition with other Minnesota State stakeholders calling for urgent, transformative leadership to advance the Equity 2030 goals, including the need to adopt and implement the Equity 2030 Chancellor’s Fellows’ recommendations. This coalition includes both faculty unions in the Minnesota State Universities (IFO and MSUAASF), both student groups, (LeadMN and Students United), as well as the Indigenous Men and Men of Color workgroup.

As MSCF President Matt Williams told the Minnesota State Trustees yesterday during the unveiling of this coalition, “We join our coalition partners in supporting these recommendations as a starting point for concrete actions that will help put us and keep us on a path toward change.”

You can read more about this coalition and the report the coalition is recommending on this webpage created by Students United.

On that page, you can also add your name to this effort. We encourage you to do so, as well as to share this with other individuals and groups in your community for their consideration.

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