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The MSCF Supports MFT, SPFE, and SEIU Local 284 in Their Current Contract Negotiations

St. Paul, Minnesota—Following a unanimous vote of support from their executive committee, the Minnesota State College Faculty issued the following statement:

“Our union, the MSCF, is proud to publicly support the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and Education Support Professionals, the Saint Paul Federation of Educators, and SEIU Local 284 in their current contract negotiations.

“Workers and educators in school districts across this country have been telling management what we need to do our work and to help every student succeed. MFT, SPFE, and SEIU Local 284 have come to contract negotiations in good faith, understanding the critical moment we are in. The needs of our students and public schools have never been greater: from mental health supports to living wages for ESPs and other essential school workers, it is clear we cannot continue with the status quo of disinvestment and disregard for our schools and the people in them who make learning possible. This time must be different.

“We call on both the Minneapolis Public Schools and the Saint Paul Public Schools to immediately settle these contracts in a way that meaningfully addresses the needs of educators and school workers.

“If these contracts cannot be settled before the 10-day strike notification window closes, we, the MSCF, stand ready to support our union family on the picket lines for as long as it takes to reach a settlement that responds to the urgent needs in our schools.

“To the members of MFT, SPFE, and SEIU Local 284: You are not alone in this moment. It will be our honor to stand side by side with you on the picket lines, to march with you at rallies, to engage in organizing additional support for you, and raise our voices together for the schools our students deserve.”

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