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Racial Equity and Diversity

The Racial Equity and Diversity Committee shall consist of up to eight - ten members approved by the Executive Committee and ratified by the Board of Directors. The committee shall inform itself on matters related to racial equity and diversity at the colleges and within the system. The committee shall advise the MSCF State Executive Committee, Legislative Committee, Negotiations Committee, Faculty Rights Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, the Board of Directors, or the membership at large on such issues as appropriate.


Selected Works of Shaun R. Harper, Ph.D

Center for the Study of Race & Equity in Education

Winter 2015, NEA Higher Ed Journal, Equity, Diversity & Social Justice

Racial Equity and Diversity Position Statement


Committee Members:

  • Terrence Wilcox (Lake Superior), Chair

  • Sarah Dixon-Hackey (M State - Moorhead)

  • Ron Ferguson (Ridgewater)

  • Ayesha Shariff (Saint Paul)

  • Jennifer Stauffer (Minneapolis)

  • Amy Zsohar (Inver Hills)

  • Steve Dalager (Lake Superior)

  • Jay Vargas (MN West - South)

  • Sadie Pendaz-Foster (Inver Hills)

  • Kari Frisch (Central Lakes)

  • Ngawang Gonsar (Normandale)

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