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The Technology and e-Learning Committee shall consist of six members approved by the Executive Committee and ratified by the Board of Directors. The committee shall monitor activities within the system related to faculty use of technology and all aspects thereof, including, but not limited to, hardware, software, intellectual property rights, security, academic integrity, and faculty terms and conditions of employment. The committee shall advise the state leadership on these matters and others as the committee or the leadership deem appropriate. The committee shall report to, coordinate its work with, and advise the Academic Affairs Committee. The committee shall recruit and recommend to the President faculty members to represent MSCF on committees, task forces, and related groups in the area of technology and e-learning.


Committee Members:

  • Andrew Aspaas (Anoka Ramsey – Cambridge), Chair

  • Missy Lott (NHCC)

  • Kelly Donahue (Century)

  • Clara James (Minneapolis)

  • Chhaya Patel (Minneapolis)

  • Amy Jo Swing (Lake Superior)

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