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Layoff language effective date?
7-1-18, those currently on notice this year received the old/current benefits.
Effective date of the Early Notice of Retirement?
7-1-18 or next academic year 2018/19.
When will we get our retro pay?
Will get more information out to the chapters, but it needs to be approved by our members, our board, the BOT, and the legislature first before it can be implemented.
Separated Employees, like those who are retiring at the end of this year, will they get the retro pay?
Yes, these payments should be automated. More info to come.
Does summer count towards the 15 continuous years of service?
How many times can a faculty member get the career step?
One time at the beginning of the 16th year, one time for all those past the 16th year, one time lump sum for those at the top
How does sabbatical affect continuous years of service?
Sabbatical is paid leave.  It counts towards continuous years of service.
Are current phased retirement faculty eligible for the early notice incentive of 2K?
No, they have already provided notice via the phased agreement.
Can the 2 year averaging be applied to someone on phased?
No, phased has its own process to reach mutual agreement of a reduced workload.
Will faculty receive retro pay for the career step? Example: if a faculty member retires/laid off at the end of this year, do they receive retro pay for the career step for this current year 2017/18?
No, career step is effective 7-1-18.
Does the HCPS contribution exclude me from participating in the employer-provided insurance plan?
No, the money in the HCSP can go to pay employer premiums for one year. If the employee chooses to find insurance through another provider (spouse, etc) the money stays in the account.
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