Unionism Reading/Discussion Series

The environment in which we teach is changing. Whether those changes are in student demographics, funding, expectations of faculty, the role of public higher education in society, or the legal environment for unions, change has been constant over the last few years and, in many instances, is accelerating due to the COVID crisis.

In the face of these changes, MSCF is sponsoring a reading/discussion series for our members to explore how, as a union, we can effectively meet coming challenges and successfully advocate to protect our students, our colleges, and our colleagues. We’ll start with a general overview of the history of unions, move through specific areas of union activity, and finally spend some time discussing what we might anticipate in the future.

Each session will be held from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. and will be grounded in a suggested (not required) reading. Members are welcome to join all sessions or as many as they are able. Registration is required. Please use the links below to register.

October 21: Unions: What and Why


Reading: Bill Fletcher Jr. “They’re Bankrupting Us”


November 4: Unions and Democracy


Reading: Jane McAlevey “A Collective Bargain”


November 18: Building Bargaining Power


Reading: Jane McAlevely “No Shortcuts”


December 2: The Post COVID Future


Reading: Naomi Klein “Shock Doctrine”

By looking at both our past and examples from other unions, we can learn how working together in union gives us unique position from which we can create positive change in our colleges and our communities, change we can only achieve when we are working together.

If you have any questions about the sessions or registration, please email me at Gretchen.long@edmn.org. I look forward to learning with all of you.

In Solidary,

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