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MSCF Minute - Great News! A Settlement
The Settlement Agreement
Settlement Information Session 
*Registration is closed but please view the information provided below 
Click here for a copy of the presentation
Information session GoToMeeting video


Workload Fall Campus Visit Registration
is now closed. If you think you have a claim please contact MSCF staff at 651-767-1272.
DEADLINE Oct. 31, 2019.  
Claims Process
What do I need to bring to my appointment?
  • During your appointment, we'll ask you to log on to FWM to print a couple of reports.
    • Please make sure you have your username and password with you so you can log on.
    • ​Please ​log into FWM prior to your appointment to make sure you have access: 
What if I have separated and no longer have access to FWM?
  • Please contact your local HR and inform them that you do not have access to FWM because you have separated from the system. They will be able to help you get 9601 reports from FY17 and FY18, as well as any other documents that might be needed to complete a claim (e.g., team teaching agreements, signed RCEs, etc)
  • If you need assistance in working with HR, please let us know.
  • Sample Data Request Letter
Can I complete a claim without assistance?
  • Yes, although due to the complexity of the workload calculations, we strongly encourage faculty to work with us so that all claims are accurate and complete. The information below is needed for the claims process. 

If you have any questions, please contact or 651-767-1262.


If you do not wish to schedule a one-on-one meeting, please email to request your Paid Work Assignment Information Sheet, which is needed to complete the claim. 

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