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Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly shall have the authority:


  1. To propose new policies to the Board of Directors.

  2. To review the existing policies of the organization and advise the Board of Directors.

  3. To consider and recommend new business/Resolution items as proposed by chapter, the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee or individual members.

  4. To recommend amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws to the Board of Directors. Proposals for amendments shall be submitted to each chapter thirty days prior to the Delegate Assembly or may be introduced at the Delegate Assembly with agreement of 2/3 of the delegates.  Please see below for resolution forms, rules, sample amendments, and information sheet.

At the April 2021 MSCF Board meeting, the board voted to form a workgroup to review documents and processes related to the Delegate Assembly. Their report, including all the recommendations that were adopted by the board, can be found here.


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